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Learn about the next election and meet Del. Jerry Mandering to learn about redistricting

Election Calendar


National elections (Congress and President) are held in even numbered years (2016, 2018). State elections are held in odd numbered years (2015, 2017). Local elections (counties, cities, and towns) vary.

The next general election will be Tuesday November 7, 2017 and will be for Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and all members of the Virginia House of Delegates.

You must register before you vote for the first time. You must update your registration if you move or change your name.

The Virginia Department of Elections website has detailed information on voter registration and elections, including Voter Registration Application and Absentee Ballot Application forms. See

Important Dates


November 7, 2017 - General election (last day to register is October 16, 2017)

June 13, 2017 - Democratic and Republican primary elections, if called (last day to register is May 22, 2017)

All polling places open 6:00am to 7:00pm

Photo ID Required


You must present one of the following acceptable forms of photo identification when voting:

  • Valid Virginia driver's license
  • DMV-issued photo identification card
  • Valid United States passport
  • Valid employee photo identification card
  • Other government-issued photo identification card
  • Valid college or university student photo identification card (from an institution of higher education in Virginia)

IDs with an expiration date must be current or not expired more than 12 months before the election.

If you do not have an acceptable form of identification, contact your local voter registration office to obtain a free photo voter ID.


In the weeks prior to general elections, an electronic Voter Guide is available online at The Voter Guide, created by the League of Women Voters, allows voters to create their personal sample ballot by simply entering their address and then following the prompts. All candidates in each race, as well as information on the duties and salary for each office, are shown. In addition, answers to questions posed by the League are included for those candidates who responded to a survey questionnaire.

PDF documents with information for Richmond area races and ballot issues in the November 2016 election:

U.S. Congressional Races

Mayoral Race

City Council Races

School Board Races

Va Constitutional Amendments

Henrico Bonds

Delegate Jerry Mandering on Redistricting

Del. Jerry Mandering is a creation of OneVirginia2021. The video shines a humorous light on the need for redistricting reform.

Meet Jerry on YouTube at