Making Democracy Work

Hanover County Elected Officials

Government, Board of Supervisors, School Board, Constitutional Offices


  • Government Form: Traditional County
  • Seven-member Board of Supervisors elected by districts for staggered 4-year terms.
  • Appoints the County Administrator.
  • Chairman and Vice Chairman elected by Board annually.
  • Five elected Constitutional Officers.

Board of Supervisors

4-Year Term, Next Election: 2019 The Board generally meets on the second Wednesday at 3:00pm and the fourth Wednesday at 6:00pm. Generally, the Board holds only one meeting in July, August, and December. In July and August the meeting is the fourth Wednesday. In December the meeting is the second Wednesday. In November the second meeting is held on the fourth Tuesday rather than the fourth Wednesday. The Board also can schedule special meetings.

The Board meets in the first-floor meeting room in the Administrative Building at Hanover Courthouse, 7516 County Complex Road, Hanover, VA 23069.

For further information contact the County Administrator's Office (804) 365-6005.

Web Site: <>

Ashland District
Faye Prichard (D)
(804) 798-5985

Beaverdam District
Aubrey M. Stanley, Jr. (R)
(804) 449-6606

Chickahominy District
Angela C. Kelly-Wiecek (R)
(804) 550-5655

Cold Harbor District
Scott A. Wyatt (R)
(804) 781-0814

Henry District
Sean M. Davis, Chair (R)
(804) 439-2289

Mechanicsville District
W. Canova Peterson IV, Vice Chair (R)
(804) 746-8139

South Anna District
Wayne T. Hazzard (R)
(804) 749-3345

School Board

  • 4-Year Term,
  • Appointed from districts by Board of Supervisors.
  • Has no taxing authority.
  • Appoints School Superintendent.

  • Board meets 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM School Board Office, 200 Berkeley Street, Ashland, VA

    Phone: 365-4500, FAX: 365-4680,

Ashland District
Henry C. Lowrey Jr.
(804) 798-7337;

Beaverdam District
John F. Axselle, III
(804) 798-7782;

Chickahominy District
Robert L. Hundley, Jr., Chair
(804) 730-3415 home, (804) 550-9222 work

Cold Harbor District
Norman K. Sulser
(804) 746-0331;

Henry District
Marla G. Coleman
(804) 746-2650

Mechanicsville District
Roger S. Bourassa
(804) 804-559-8113;

South Anna District
Susan B. Dibble, Vice Chair
(804) 752-6866;

Constitutional Officers

Next election 2019

Clerk of the Circuit Court (8 year term expires 2019) Frank Hargrove, Jr. (R)
Office: (804) 365-6151

Commissioner of Revenue (4 year term) Scott T. Harris (R)
Office: (804) 365-6129

Commonwealth's Attorney (4 year term) R.E. "Trip" Chalkley (R)
Office: (804) 365-6186

Sheriff (4 year term) David R. Hines (R)
P.O.Box 40
Hanover, VA 23069
Office: (804) 365-6110

Treasurer (4 year term) M. Scott Miller (R)
Office: (804) 365-6050

Hanover-Caroline Soil & Water Conservation District

4-Year Term, Next Election: 2019, Meets second Tuesday at 9:00am monthly, (804) 537-5225 x102

Hanover Members

W. Bruce Cauthorn, (804) 798-8891 home, (804) 798-4054 office

Donald L. Wells, (804) 746-0148,

Rita Schalk, (804) 752-4310,